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TOP 10 Upcoming Games of 2021

top 10 upcoming games of 2021

2021’s Release calendar isn’t bursting with games just yet, but we are currently only two months into the year, and with the global pandemic shutting down most jobs (including video game development) for at least a portion of the year, games which would have had a release this year have been pushed back. There are still some big hitters that are on the horizon though, with Sony having a powerful list of exclusives lined up already.

Here are Top 10 Upcoming Games of 2021 that most of the players are waiting for.

10 - Gotham Knights

After the fairly definitive closing chapter that was Batman Arkham Knight, there was a time where the narrative direction that particular avenue of DC Universe games seemed like it couldn’t be continued. Batman Gotham Knights looks like it will take up the heavy mantle left by the Dark Knight.

Marvel might be the king of the cinematic universe on the big screen, but the Batman Arkham games have set the benchmark of what developers have to reach in order to make a good superhero game. Being worked on by WB Montreal (developers of Batman Arkham Origins) rather than the usual workforce of Rocksteady, Gotham Knights game looks like it's evolving beyond the Arkham games’ single-player architecture and encompassing RPG stylings with specific progression on each hero character, with co-op being a completely new feature for the series. All of this can make a great shift for what is the Gotham Knights series.

Anyone who’s played even a small amount of any of the Batman games will recognise the core gameplay, with the traversal and combat working just as well as it always did. No official release date has been confirmed other than 2021 thus far.

9 - New Pokémon Snap!

Upon hearing the news of a fresh entry in one of the most unusual Pokemon spinoff games, I for one was delighted to find out 2021 will see the release of the Nintendo Switch exclusive New Pokemon Snap! Or called by OG players – Pokemon Snap 2, sequel to the N64 on-rails photography adventure Pokemon Snap!

Landing on 30th April, the game will be carrying on with the art style that has been used by Pokemon GO! And the more relative Pokemon Let’s Go! New Pokemon Snap Switch game will more than likely keep the same recipe of the original game, having the player following a set path through levels and taking pictures of Pokemon for research.

Being such a jump from the 1999 title, there have been a lot of improvements and just general changes to the way Pokemon works since the original 150 monsters came along. The environments look lush and vibrant, and I’m almost certain will utilise the ability of the Joy-cons to incorporate some kind of kinetic interface, much like the ball throwing in Pokemon Let’s Go!

This spin-off game was a hidden gem back in the day, I’m really hoping it gets picked up by more people this year. The first version of the game was truly awesome, I believe that the Pokemon Snap 2021 version will be just as good.

8 - Deathloop

Deathloop Bethesda and Arkane Studios, developers of the spectral assassin simulator Dishonored (and its sequel), brings forth the timed PlayStation exclusive Deathloop, which looks like it takes more than a few cues from its shadow slipping, throat cutting father series.

On what is Deathloop, in this video game cocktail of Groundhog Day meets Smokin’ Aces with a dash of Looper, you play as Colt on the island of Blackreef, who has to break the 24 hour cycle to escape the island and avoid being killed by the island’s signature assassins. The end goal being to take out all 8 targets within the day time limit by solving the metaphorical rubix cube of world alignment to reach all eight in time.

Without knowing Arkane Studios was heading this project, its clear to see Dishonored’s influences in Deathloop. The game’s teleport ability literally is Dishonored’s Blink power, this time around there’s more emphasis on gunplay and puzzle solving rather than sneaking and stabbing.

The art style and tone of the game is also intriguing, and for the Deathloop release date, you can get your hands on it from May 21st for PS5, Xbox and PC.

7 - Monster Hunter Rise/Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

It’s profile being raised by the live-action movie adaptation that’s currently in the works, Monster Hunter (starring other Capcom movie alum Milla Jovovich) having two entries coming this year makes it one of the few third-party games for the Nintendo Switch that has a strong and devoted fan base that are ready to start slaying mighty beasts in a new adventure.

Not too far off release at the time of writing (that being March 26th for Monster Hunter Rise PC, PS, Switch and Xbox/MHW Rise), Capcom Monster Hunter Rise open-world RPG adventure appears as if it's brimming with new features, looking like a mash-up of Fallout, Dark Souls, Destiny, and Onimusha. Boasting new features, mechanics, and characters, MHR will see you once again venturing the land and doing battle with gigantic creatures that are the size of small stadiums.

The sequel to the original spin-off game, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin release date is not clear yet, but there would have to be some serious development issues to see it get pushed back to next year. Conjuring up memories of Square Enix’s Mana series with its visuals, the original game was lauded with praise for its more RPG and personal take on the Monster Hunter games, and fans have been anxious for a sequel for some time now.

6 - Ratchet & Clank: Rifts Apart

The second title exclusive to the proud owners of PS5s, new Ratchet and Clank: Rifts Apart looks like it’s going to capitalise on the resurgence and subsequent success of more classic platforming games thanks to the trail blazed by fellow Sony origin boys Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.

Being an exclusive that will appeal to both existing fans of the franchise and help draw in a younger demographic with its visuals and themes, Sony made a big deal of showing off Ratchet and his pint-sized robotic companion at the Ratchet and Clank PS5 reveal event last year. It’s gameplay looked solid and fun, and the theme of dimension-shifting seems to be drawing huge inspiration from the latest Crash Bandicoot game. Its visuals looked like they were running very smoothly and consistently on the hardware too.

The series has been dormant for a while, but the trend of resurrecting games that haven’t seen the light of day for a decent amount of time seems to be continuing with Ratchet Clank’s comeback. Who knows ,we might even see a remastered or original Sly Cooper game be announced soon as well.

5 - Back 4 Blood

Looking at what is Back 4 Blood, It’s a spiritual successor to Valve’s immensely popular Left 4 Dead series (quite literally as this is being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the studio that developed both Left 4 Dead 1 and 2), Back 4 Blood game is looking to bring back the zombie horde survival experience in 2021.

Left 4 Dead was a purist survival horror, just you, your own skill, and whatever you could find in levels to fight against the myriad of infected standing between you and the safe room. The closed alpha showed off mechanics that allow you to personalise your playstyle and make a class, with cards that change elements like having melee kills restore health or having extra inventory slots. They’ve also introduced a vendor system to buy more items and players can find loot freely in the levels and as drops from enemies.

Left 4 Dead’s realism and expert modes were also an incredibly tough challenge, and I have no doubt B4B will set the bar just as high and the multiplayer will be another hit. Turtle Rock Studios Back 4 Blood release date is set on June 18th.

4 - Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon: Zero Dawn didn’t set the world on fire, but it was still well-received by critics and fans alike. Being a completely new IP when it debuted, people probably would have been cautious of yet another open-world title, having grown lethargic with the yearly Assassin’s Creeds and the like. The title blossomed into its own identity, and now there’s a lot of people looking forward to Aloy’s next adventure. Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West should be an exciting project to continue the series.

Sony are continuing their streak of acclaimed exclusives from the previous generation with a second entry in the Horizon story, playing again as the hunter Aloy as she has to restore balance to the land and continuing fighting the mechanical beasts that torment the world. According to the Playstation website, you will “explore distant lands, fight bigger and more awe-inspiring machines, and encounter astonishing new tribes”. Knowing that this is Sony’s game, it will only be out on two consoles, Horizon Forbidden West PS4 and Horizon PS5.

Horizon: Forbidden West or Horizon 2 is at worst a fantastic tech demo of what the PS5 is capable of, and at best is another awesome single-player adventure for PlayStation fans to get hype for. Sadly, the Horizon Forbidden Dawn release date in 2021 is yet to be confirmed.

3 - Resident Evil VIII: Village

Despite what a lot of sources on the internet may have you believe, this game isn’t just about an incredibly tall woman with a big chest and fancy clothes. New Resident Evil VIII: Village game looks like it's doubling down on its slower, more creepy horror themes (if you go by the trailers they’ve released) by continuing the narrative arc (and camera perspective) from RE VII but mixing it more with the DNA of Resident Evil 4.

The trailers seem deliberately vague to ensure the mystery of the story remains opaque, but from what you can piece together from the footage you’ll be playing as RE VII protagonist Ethan Winters searching for his daughter in a Transylvania-esque setting that emits vibes of Castlevania based purely off the more gothic undertones. Series veteran Chris Redfield is also present but has been framed as an anti-hero of sorts as he and his team kidnap Ethan in the trailer.

The story and tone seems to be stepping away from the gritty, science-based themes and draping itself more in the occult (again, something RE4 did) which is a risk but could pay off big.

The bell tolls on May 7th for Resident Evil 8 release date. And best of all, the merchant is back!

2 - Halo Infinite

I’m a big Halo fan myself, and arguably Microsoft might not still be in the video game market if not for the huge critical and commercial success that Halo: Combat Evolved brought to the original Xbox, but this time around, it feels like there’s a much greater weight on Halo Infinite Master Chief’s shoulders.

Ever since Bungie handed over the reins to 343 Industries to take charge of the Halo series, Master Chief hasn’t had the smoothest of rides. I personally thought Halo 4 was a good game, but people were divided among the multiplayer aspect and the direction of the story. Halo 5: Guardians didn’t do much to convince people further, despite there being more attention and a great deal of effort put into making the PvP a new pillar of eSport. The confusing and misleading marketing campaign didn’t help either. And then there was the long, painful saga of the Master Chief Collection. We all hope that this is the time that Halo 6 meets the needs that previous games couldn’t provide.

The glimpse people had at the Xbox event had some cool looking action that we’re all familiar with, but the graphical fidelity wasn’t quite where people expected it to be. Following in the wake of Sony’s PS5 Event where everything on display looked silky smooth only exacerbated how the footage paled in comparison.

I have my fingers crossed, but the fate of Halo Infinite hangs in the balance. I also hope that the Halo Infinite PC version matches people needs and the new Halo game can shoot back to where it should be.

On when is Halo Infinite coming out, the expected Halo Infinite release date is around autumn this year.

1 - God of War Ragnarok

One of the most celebrated and decorated games to grace the PlayStation 4, the epicly cinematic and emotional tale of Kratos and Atreus (“BOY”) was dosed with praise from the entire gaming world for the work of art that it was. Following on from the high bar set by the first game will be no easy feat, but I’m confident the sequel is in very safe hands.

There has so far been very little in the way of official information on the game GOW Ragnarok, with only a teaser trailer that didn’t even last sixty seconds only featuring a short voiceover from Kratos himself and the new logo with its frost aesthetic. It does announce though that “Ragnarok is Coming - 2021” and, like the original, will almost certainly be a game of the year contender and only bolster the reputation of the God of War Ragnarok PS5 and PS4 release.

There’s been no gameplay trailer released yet, but all media outlets will surely pounce on any details dripped out by Sony or Santa Monica Studios. The God of War Ragnarok release date isn’t clear yet either, but it’s highly expected to be released earlier this year.

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