Sifu motion control mod lets you play your very own kung-fu movie

Sifu motion control mod lets you play your very own kung-fu movie

Move aside Ring Fit Adventure, this looks like another great way to workout while gaming!

Rudeism on Twitter has modded Sifu to work with a motion controller, and it looks like a kung fu dream come true.

Rudesim, who also modded a Fisher-Price game controller to work on PC and played Elden Ring with it, made Sifu work with a controller that can detect his punches and parries in-game. You can already see Sifu Matrix Mod gameplay trailer!

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Sifu is an incredibly fun, responsive, yet brutally difficult action game. It gives you a real sense of being in the middle of a fistfight, demanding you lean into tight combos to come out on top.

Though, how would it work with motion controls? Surprisingly well, it turns out. Modder Rudeism decided that playing the PS5 and PC brawler with a regular controller didn't quite cut it.

Instead, he created a unique motion controller setup that's somewhat reminiscent of Wii Sports' iconic boxing mini-game

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The mod also looks to be a great alternative for those who have gotten all they can out of games like Ring Fit Adventure, as he gets a great workout while playing Sifu in a new way.

Sifu has been a great source for the modding community, as others have done such impressive things as recreating Matrix Reloaded's iconic Agent Smith battle in-game.

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