Path of Kami: Journey Begins

Oct 20, 2022 - 1 min read
Path of Kami

Path of Kami is being developed by Captilight, a studio focused on creating thoughtful games. We are a team of innovators and creatives focused on offering beautiful games with exciting stories that you can enjoy and cherish all the time.

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About the Game

Path of Kami: Journey Begins is an exploration and adventure game with puzzle elements.

Path of Kami: Journey Begins is a thoughtful game about life, death, and family. Play as Kazeyo, a spirit of a wolf on a journey to ascend to the spirit world. Solve puzzles and discover secrets with creative uses of your spirit fire powers.

The world of Path of Kami is set in a breathtakingly handcrafted watercolor world inspired by ancient Japan. Set off on an adventure with your wisp companion across vast worlds of mountains, forests, and spiritual environments. Journey Begins is the beginning of Kazeyo’s adventure, where you’ll light lanterns with your spirit fire powers to navigate new areas and find hidden collectibles. Discover secret areas and enjoy a relaxing and soothing soundtrack.

Release Date: November 2022


Steam: $4.99

Itch io: $4.99

GameJolt: $4.99


Lorebook: $2.99

Artbook: $2.99

Music: $4.99