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Discord Party Mode ALL Achievements Guide


Users will receive a special and limited-time Party Mode to commemorate Discord's seventh birthday. It went live on May 13th, 2022, and will remain operational until May 16th, 5 pm PST. Here's how to unlock all of Discord Party Mode's locked and hidden achievements. If you don't want to be spoiled and instead prefer to figure things out for yourself, now is the moment to back out! Continue reading if you're certain you want to know how to obtain them all.

All Locked & Secret Achievements in Discord Party Mode

Let's see how to get all of the locked ones unlocked and get bragging rights.

  • Is this thing on? – Enable Party Mode

  • Prepare for trouble – Get a 2x combo multiplier

  • And make it double Get a 4x combo multiplier

  • A Puebla party Get a 5x combo multiplier

  • Happy Birthday!! – Get a 7x combo multiplier

  • Is it me you’re looking for – @ mention someone

  • *Discord notification sound* – Get @ mentioned

  • More!! – Increase shake in party mode

  • Stuck in character creation Customize Confetti

  • Click for your free prize! – Visit the Party Mode settings tab 100 times

  • The IT solution – Disable party mode

  • 80’s pop Combo score of 99

  • Will you still need me? Combo score of 64

  • Travel through time – Combo score of 88

  • Two birds, one stone – Combo score of 430

  • Be elite – Combo score of 1337

  • Animation fan Combo score of 113

  • Klondike’s cell Combo score of 555

  • Gonna be the very best Combo score of 898

  • A slide puzzle – get Combo score 512 on combo 4x

In case you were wondering, a Combo is basically the “score” you get as you type a message in Discord. By default, confetti will appear as you keep typing and you can check your combo counter on the right side.

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