Daily Checklist Guide

Daily Checklist Guide

Like any mobile free-to-play game, Diablo Immortal entices players with plenty of daily tasks to do and get rewards by continually logging on. You can find similar games on gamecamp.gg, like Diablo II: Resurrected, Diablo III, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, Diablo III: Eternal Collection and Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer . Certain events, features, and quests have caps on what you can do in a day, so those who wish to always be on top of things to do may need to check-in at least for a little bit to keep up to date. This page includes all activities, rewards, and challenges you can participate in each day to get the most out of your experience (including some things you can only do once per week or month).

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Easy Daily Tasks

The following tasks are the easiest to complete, and require little to no effort or activity to get rewards:

  • Collect the Free Daily Reward Chest from the gamecamp.gg (random rewards from Gold, Scrap, Enchanted Dust, or Glowing Shard)

  • Collect 1 Rare Crest from interacting with the Elder Rift

  • Collect Hilts from your Challenge Rifts rewards from the previous day

  • Kill 1 monster to get the First Kill of the Day Reward (the rewards are randomized every week)

  • Check the Leaderboards for First-Clear Rewards from other players (rewards Hilts and Gold when the first player of a certain level clears the Challenge Rifts)

  • Check the Hilts Trader for any daily or limited-time items to buy (items can reset twice per day - including 2 Crests, 10 Normal Gems, and 5 Aspirant's Keys)

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Moderate Daily Tasks

The following tasks are a little more involved, taking a bit more activity and time to complete, but usually won't be difficult to complete.

  • Complete Bounties from the Bounty Board (Minimum of 8 per day, to a max of 24 if not completed daily - rewards XP, Gold, and random items)

  • Encounter and complete Side Quests in various zones until you no longer receive Enchanted Dust

  • Find and complete Hidden Lairs until you no longer receive Normal Gems

  • Complete any Side Quests listed by the Adventure Seeker in Westmarch

  • Collect 30 Monster Essence to collect rewards from up to 3 Bestiary Pages for Battle Pass Rewards (Extra Battle Points and random items)

  • Complete the Legacy of the Horadrim Battle Pass Activity by traversing the Sanctum Depths for one free chest (and use any Aspirant Keys gained to open more for Sapphires, Garnets, and Beryls)

  • Complete Challenge Rifts to earn Daily Rewards of Enigmatic Crystals, and hilts for the next day.

  • Earn BP to collect all three Daily Activity Rewards in the Codex (Hilts, Charm, and Platinum)

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PvP Faction Daily Tasks

The following tasks can only be completed once you have won the Shadow Lottery (or are invited) to become a member of The Shadows, which sports new rewards to earn daily.

  • Complete the Daily Shadow Contract (Minimum of 3 per day, to a max of 5 if not completed daily, earn marks plus experience and items)

  • Raid a Vault with other Shadow members during the two times per day they are active (earn a chance at legendary items plus marks, hilts, and gold)

  • Run 3 Elder Rifts (with or without Crests) to get the Daedessa's Blessing rewards if it is currently active for your faction

  • Compete in the Battleground when they are active at least 3 times per day (win a battleground to earn marks)

  • Take part in The Assembly for The Shadows (except Sunday) from 6 pm to 8 pm to gain all four blessings (each blessing will reward you with experience, gold, and marks)

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Weekly Checklists

While not as often as your daily tasks, it is still worth checking in to ensure you get these rewards as often as possible by undertaking certain tasks

  • Complete as many Challenge Rifts as you can to earn a weekly reward in the mail (you'll earn both Hilts and Gold)

  • Defeat the Helliquary Raid Bosses to earn extra rewards, including Scoria and Battle Points

  • Compete for the Rite of Exile on Sundays if you have earned the right as a high-ranking faction member, to earn experience, random items, Marks, and Hilts

  • Check the Hilts Trader for any weekly items to purchase - including 1 Legendary Gear, 10 Normal Gems, 8 Reforge Stones, and 3 Charms

  • On Saturdays, collect your weekly Shadow War Rewards if you are part of the PvP faction.

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Monthly Checklists

  • Check the Hilts Trader to purchase 1 Legendary Crest per month, and 1 Legendary Gem per month (More are available for those in the Immortals Faction)

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