The Craziest Weapons in the Fallout Series

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As much as the Fallout Universe is a stark reminder of a future that could be within a frighteningly closer touching distance than we think, it also serves as a playground of ferocious ingenuity, serving up hilariously dark ways people think of defending themselves in a world where society is in tatters.


Bowling ball catapults, a triple barreled flame thrower, flaming samurai swords, these are just some of the inventive forms of weaponry that exist within the Capital, Mojave, and Commonwealth wastelands. Prepare yourself for nine of the weirdest and wonderful tools of war found in the Fallout series.


Junk Jet (Fallout 4)


As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s potential ammunition for a portable firing mechanism.


The Fallout 4 Junk Jet is nowhere near the top of the pile when it comes to taking enemies down. It’s as powerful as it is glamorous. The real beauty of the weapon lies in the fact that it epitomises the spirit of Fallout games. The unrelenting, never give up attitude of humanity after the bombs have fallen to rebuild and make do with whatever they can is summed up in the Fallout 4 Junk Jet.


Firing everything from wrenches and stop signs to plungers and stuffed bears, anything can be used as a weapon against anything. It’s power lies in its versatility and adaptability, allowing pretty much anything to be used as protection from whatever the wasteland throws at you.


One can be found in the Fallout 4 Arcjet Systems building whilst looking for Nick Valentine and as laughable as it may seem, the Junk Jet can be tactically used to shoot “junk” by picking up old ammo and using the “junk” that has a zero weight statistic. It’s also pretty funny to kill a Super Mutant by decapitating him with a toilet seat. THE FUTURE IS NOW.


Euclid’s C-Finder (Fallout: New Vegas)


Euclid’s C-Finder doesn’t do any damage, but it can kill practically anything. Say what? Let me elaborate.


The Fallout NV C-Finder acts like the Hammer of Dawn from Gears of War - GoW, in that the gun itself doesn’t actually do the damage, it’s the huge satellite laser that brings the pain. The gun paints a target area for the Archimedes II laser which then fires a beam of focused death-ness, disintegrating anyone who’s unlucky enough to be in its path.


As the C-Finder is something of an anomaly, the Player’s energy weapon skill does not make a difference as to the performance of the weapon. There are some limitations (naturally) on something so powerful. The weapon can’t be used in VATS, has a five second delay on its firing (which will instantly reveal you to all enemies in the area), can only be used outside and can only be used once a day.


This handy little rangefinder is obtained from completing “That Lucky Old Sun” quest in Fallout: New Vegas. The Player must be sure to direct power to the laser system when given the option during the quest, otherwise the weapon will never work. Also fun fact, if you fired the weapon once a day, every day, it would take eleven game years for the C-Finder to break. Science.


Admiral’s Friend (Fallout 4 - Far Harbor)


Simplicity can be beautifully effective. Admiral’s Friend is a tribute to a time before laser pistols, power armour and synths. A weapon which takes no prisoners, I’m sure if Captain Ahab in Moby Dick would have had this thing, that white whale would have been hanging on his wall in no time.


Personifying the strength and raw power that is required to seize back Far Harbour, Admiral’s Friend is a bulky, double barrelled harpoon gun. It packs a serious punch and is best used as a weapon to begin an encounter, due to its legendary perk being “Instigating”, which causes double damage when a target is at full health. If used tactically, this sea shooter can be your best ally when wandering the mists of New England.


Admiral’s Friend can be bought on arrival at Far Harbor from Dr Allen Lee. It’s recommended you grab this before venturing into The Fog.


Fist of the North Rawr (Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road)


Deathclaws strike fear into the hearts of all Fallout players. Their frightening speed, high damage output and gigantic appearance can spell certain death for anyone, whether you’re level five or level fifty five.


There’s an intense pride that comes with defeating a Deathclaw, especially ones that are unique, such as the Alpha Male in the Fallout 3 quarry or in this case, Rawr, a very angry customer that dwells within a cave in The Divide.


Many may have come across this big guy when hunting down the dormant warheads, stumbling into his home, causing a cave in (which traps you in with him) and starting the fight with the Courier without the player consenting or perhaps anywhere near being equipped to battle such a powerful foe.


Defeat him however and you can obtain Rawr’s Talon, which can be crafted into a unique Deathclaw Gauntlet that can be modified further (providing you have enough Unarmed skill and the Wild Wasteland perk) in to Fist of the Rawr Star, which is just cool for its name alone. This unique Fallout NV Deathclaw Gauntlet is an extremely fast and devastating unarmed weapon that can tear enemies to shreds in seconds thanks to its bonus limb and critical damage.


Tesla Cannon (Fallout 3 - Broken Steel)


Broken Steel changed a lot about Fallout 3. It raised the level cap to thirty, introduced new enemies and even changed the ending so you didn’t just pass out in a glass tube. One of the biggest game changers was in the acquisition of the Tesla Cannon, a powerful experimental device to combat the Enclave.


Finding the weapon is part of the Broken Steel story, venturing into a Deathclaw infested city to find the Tesla Coil, a vital part of building the cannon. Once you have the weapon, you go from being the hunted to the hunter.


The Tesla Cannon shoots 5 Electron Charge packs at once, doing electrical damage over time and being able to destroy robots, vehicles and structures with ease. Once a Vertibird was a symbol of fear, it is now able to be destroyed within a matter of seconds thanks to electrical might you possess courtesy of the Fallout 3 Tesla Cannon.


There are several Tesla Cannons in Fallout 3, the first being in Adam's Air Force Base and being able to resupply with more across Broken Steel locations. The only downside is that it eats through ammo rapidly due to its five shot consumption.


Aeternus (Fallout 4 - Nuka-World)


Bigger isn’t always better. But in the world of Fallout, it is almost always better to be going to a fight holding a bigger weapon than your opponent. If your enemy has a bigger Gatling Laser than you, just turn around. Go home. Get in the vault. Lock the door. Never leave.


Aeternus is next level punishment. Not only is it a Gatling Laser, one of the most potent instruments of destruction available, it has the “Never Ending” legendary effect which, as you may have guessed, allows the wielder to fire the weapon infinitely as long as they have at least three fusion cores to power the initial start-up.


This makes Aeternus a great crowd control weapon and will save you wasting more vital ammo on minor enemies like Mole Rats, Ghouls and Bloatflies and allow you to lay covering fire on bigger enemies like Super Mutants and Mirelurks.


Aeternus is dropped when the Rogue Knight is defeated in the quest "Amoral Combat" in the Fallout 4 Nuka World add-on. If you can’t get your hands on the mountainous weapon, Elder Maxson’s Final Judgement is a decent equivalent.


Atom’s Judgement (Fallout 4 - Far Harbor)



Like the Fat Man, the Super Sledge is pretty powerful on its own without making any changes to its already lethal blueprint. I mean it’s a sledgehammer with a kinetic storage device attached to allow the attacker to apply a huge amount of force, but if that’s not enough, enter Fallout 4 Atom’s Judgement.


This holy relic is one of the most powerful melee weapons in Fallout 4. Not only statistically devastating, AJ looks physically intimidating to any Raiders who might think to take you on. With four (almost definitely deliberately) cracked fusion cores that ooze radiation, the mighty hammer provides huge base damage as well as +100 radiation damage.


Annoyingly, since they’ve been exposed to the radiation of the bombs already, most animals in the Wasteland aren’t affected too much by its legendary effect, but any human enemies you come across will soon be repenting any sins they might have once you start swinging the Lord’s work around.


Atom’s Judgement is given as a reward for completing "The Heretic" quest for the Children of Atom. So if you don’t mind doing some religious headhunting, go pay them a visit.


The Last Minute (Fallout 4)


A Gauss Rifle is always a good weapon to have in your arsenal when traversing any apocalyptic wasteland and there are several powerful variants in the different Fallout iterations. Fallout 4’s modification system allows The Last Minute to stand at the top of the pile when comparing the microfusion coil firing rifles.


It boasts a shielded barrel with gives it better damage (always a good thing), a capacitor boosting coil which increases it’s ammo capacity to max, a long scope with night vision to deal with any Deathclaws you’d rather keep your distant from and a compensator which gives the user greater recoil control.


To top it all off, it has the legendary effect of 50% more limb damage so you can make sure those Radscorpion legs definitely get broken.


The Last Minute can be purchased from Ronnie Shaw at The Castle after completing the “Old Guns” quest. Bear in mind, this requires you to clear out a lot of Mirelurks and one big a** Queen Mirelurk from the structure. You’ve been warned.


Experimental MIRV (Fallout 3)


The Fat Man in of itself is an extremely powerful beast. The ability to have a mechanism that catapults miniature nuclear bombs is pretty intense without any modifications, but this variant takes it to the next level.




There are many ways the Fat Man has been modified. One fires bowling boys and another fires warheads that have potentially volatile Nuka-cola recipes mixed with the warheads. Instead of just the usual singular mushroom cloud producing shell being tossed around, this gargantuan jettisons four, count them, four mini nukes at once, causing utter devastation wherever they are used.


Found in the National Guard Depot in Fallout 3, the MIRV can fire 504 nukes before it will break.


Be sure to use in a well-ventilated area.

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