The Best Easter Eggs in the Grand Theft Auto Series
Apr 27, 2021 - 9 min read
gta v ghost

Easter Eggs are one of the most fun things about video games. No matter how intense the action in a game might be, however high the stakes may seem, however serious the tone may become, developers just can’t resist a cheeky wink or a sly joke slipped in between the lines of code that make up their projects.

Rockstar Games are arguably the kings of hidden material. While their games are near masterful in their design, in everything from voice acting to driving mechanics (not counting GTA IV), their playful side is ever prevalent in the media that they make, making sure that whatever they do, the fun element of making video games underpins everything.

Here are some of the best Easter Eggs they’ve nestled within the GTA games.

Mount Gordo’s Ghost (GTA V)

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a similar Easter Egg relates to a lost soul wandering the bayou, but before that there was a the restless spirit that took residence in the hills of one of the mountains in GTA V.

If you travel to a specific spot on Mount Gordo between 11 PM and midnight, you can catch a glimpse of a ghost. Situated not too far north of El Gordo Lighthouse on the edge of a cliff, if you approach this otherworldly specter she’ll disappear leaving behind the word “JOCK”.

Further investigation can lead one to believe this is the spirit of Jolene Evans, the deceased wife of Jock Cranley, an actor, and stuntman from GTA Vice City Stories who is now running for governor in GTA 5.

If you use your in-game phone to visit the website “”, an article titled “Blood on the Rocks” sheds light on a supposedly tragic accident where Jock claims his wife tragically fell to her death, while others maintain she was pushed.

Rockstar Games seem to have a penchant for ghostly and/or supernatural encounters in their games, possibly sparked by the “Ghost Cars”, “Bigfoot”, and “UFO” phenomenons that started back in GTA San Andreas.
If you somehow managed to miss the GTA V craze, it is probably the best time to get your hands on a heavily discounted GTA V cd key and find all of these easter eggs by yourself.

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V

Gravestones (GTA Liberty City Stories)

I’m a big fan of anything in video games that acts as a reference to the player’s actions throughout the narrative or reflects key events of the story in some way either through appearances, dialogue, or the world itself. It just so happens there’s an element of this featured in GTA Liberty City Stories – GTA LCS.

It’s no secret that in GTA all games (and all Rockstar games for that matter), certain characters aren’t going to make it all the way to the end of the story. Sooner or later, their number will be up. Being that GTA LCS has the strong themes of redemption and betrayal running through its veins, it's no surprise that various key faces ended up six feet under.

As you progress through the story as Toni, you get rid of a lot of people who are causing problems or are something of an inconvenience to your employers. As you cross out names on this ever-growing hit list, the game memorizes the people you’ve put out to pasture. 

Pay a visit to the graveyard at the rear of the church in Bedford Point (the one where you inadvertently complete tasks for Ned Burner posing as a priest) at the end of the game to see marked gravestones and humorous epitaphs of important gangsters and degenerates Toni has wasted.

The Statue of Happy Hillary Clinton (GTA IV)

GTA and Rockstar Games as a whole are no strangers to controversy, happily dancing with the devil to the point where they’re the ones taking the lead. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas had a huge amount of backlash and was met with outrage by US government officials thanks to its infamous “Hot Coffee” mod, the majority of ire coming from former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

By the time GTA 4 rolled around, these legal fires were nothing more than lightly smoking embers, but that didn’t stop Rockstar Games from dumping a metric ton of gasoline down on them and tossing a lit cigar on the ashes.

GTA IV Liberty City is home to the iconic monument of the Statue of Happiness, a blatant parody of the Statue of Liberty GTA 4. However, where the mighty lady wears a plain expression and holds aloft a torch, GTA’s structure has a big smiling mug and sports a coffee cup.

The statue’s face is eerily similar to Miss Clinton’s, possibly Rockstar’s way of virtually smiling at her whilst giving her the finger at the same time. The coffee cup also openly references the aforementioned mini-game mod, and the statue’s name for the PC game files is “ stat_hilberty01.wdr”.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto IV

The Easter of All the Eggs (GTA Vice City)

Leave it to Rockstar Games to put out one of the most literal Easter Eggs in the history of video games.

Titles made by the legendary publisher are never lacking in the hidden content department, and Grand Theft Auto Vice City being the sun-soaked love letter to the 1980s that it did not fall short in this category, and in this case gave players exactly what they were looking for.

In the Downtown area of GTA VC lies the VCN Building. You’ll need to reach the roof by entering the doors just behind the the ramp of the North Bridge (near the VCN sign) and take a look just behind the helicopter platform to see a window on the adjacent building.

If you leap through this window (don’t worry, it’s only a texture so you’ll jump right through it), you’ll discover a hidden room with a plinth in the middle of it.

Perched on this plinth is a large (presumably chocolate) Easter Egg (almost looking like a football) with the words “Happy Easter” written on it.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Reagan vs Gorbachev (GTA Vice City)

Now this is a strange one, and while it's in keeping with the real-world events that would have been taking place in GTA Vice City’s timeline setting of 1986, it’s still something of a brain scratcher.

Only accessible in the PC port of Vice City as you’ll need the ability of the trainer to move Tommy (and by proxy the camera) into the right location, there lie two manipulated images of former world leaders being pitted against each other.

Travel to the Ammunition in the Downtown district and utilize the trainer to float Tommy up through the ceiling to peek behind the wall to the right of the counter with the various long range rifles on it.

If you do, you’ll see two JPGs next to each other; one of Ronald Reagan brandishing a pistol, and another of Mikhail Gorbachev looked surprised with his hand up. Gorbachev’s face is also riddled with bullet holes.

Don't believe it? Buy GTA VC cd key and see it for yourself! Weird? Yes. Surprising? Not as much as it should be.

Bonus fact: GTA VC shops (occasionally including Ammunition) can be run by the NPC “Sam”, whose appearance is modeled after one-half of the Rockstar founding brothers, Sam Houser. He also wears his trademark Rockstar jacket bearing the company logo and the word “ROCKSTAR”.

The Sign You Weren’t Meant to See (GTA 3)

Much like my fondness of player-actions-changing-the-world mechanics, I’m also a big fan of notes or signs left in by developers as a sort of pseudo-postcard or post-it note that acts almost as a high five or hat tip for finding something you shouldn’t have.

Showing up for the first time and returning later in other games made by the developer (evolving beyond usage just in GTA), you can find a hidden alley on GTA III Staunton Island that is meant to be inaccessible but can be reached by using vehicles as a staircase.

If you travel a car park in Bedford Point (where the main action of the mission “Kingdom Come” takes place) with a Trashmaster and park it next to the south-facing wall where the graffiti and two dumpsters are, you can grab another nearby vehicle and use the two as a makeshift stepladder to hop off the wall.

Once on the other side, follow the wall around to the left to eventually see the message “You weren't supposed to be able to get here you know”

The sign returned in GTA Liberty City stories, but this time with the message “You just can’t get enough of this the alley can you?” with a cartoon smiley face next to it. The smiley faces were also hidden as Easter Eggs in Vice City stories in ten different locations, as well as a thank you notice from Rockstar Leeds near Hymen Stadium.

Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto III

Liberty City Winter Wonderland (GTA Liberty City Stories)

Anyone who’s gone into GTA Online in the the festive season will have been treated to a Los Santos white Christmas, but the East Coast generally doesn’t receive even a single snowflake no matter what time of year it is. Rain, sure, but snow, not so much.

There is however a way to get pieces of frozen water droplets to dance down from the sky in Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories, but it requires a very particular set of circumstances that more than likely won’t ever be seen by most as you only get one legitimate chance to
attempt it.

Only appearing on the original PSP version of the game, one can trigger snowfall in Liberty City by completing level nine of the Car Salesman side job GTA mission. This is tricky as once you pass level six of the job, if you fail or just stop you can never retry the activity as it becomes “completed” and locks up, so to speak.

After completing the mythical ninth level, you’ll see that snowflakes will immediately fill the air. Alternatively, if you have no morals, you can check out and search for a mod there.

Becoming E.T (GTA Vice City Stories)

Pop culture references, parodies, and mockeries are par for the course in GTA games, and they range from the delicately subtle to the outright crass. GTA Vice City Stories wasn’t as abundant as other GTA titles in terms of hidden content, but there was one that was very cleverly integrated.

While the first part of this Easter Egg can exist itself in isolation as a one-off gag, there’s another layer to it which adds so much more.

If you travel to the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound, you’ll spot a billboard saying “Full Moon” with a picture of the said moon on it. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see the moon actually looks like an anus. Bravo.

But, don’t drive away chuckling just yet. If you grab a motorcycle, you can drive up the staircase located on the building to the left of the sign to reach the roof. On this roof you’ll find a ramp to jump to another roof. This will cause you to jump past the sign in slow motion while in the air, mimicking the iconic cinematic shot from E.T where Elliot and the alien fly in the air past the lunar backdrop.