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Kena: Bridge of Spirits: The path of a Spirit Guide is a lonely one.

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Do you miss times when games were straightforward? Yes? Then Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a perfect match for you! It’s an open-world action-adventure, story-driven, action-adventure combining exploration with fast-paced combat. It is a game that feels like a good old-fashioned game but has a modern touch.


The debut title from developer Ember Lab started as an animation studio. That helped out a lot in making the game look so breathtaking: bold colors, thoughtful character design, all this together helps to deliver the whole new game experience.


In this game, you play as a spirit guide named Kena. Her job is to guide people to the spirit world. She came to a new land, a big region, that suffered an enormous tragedy that led everyone to die. You venture through the game, exploring, fighting, and questing to find artifacts that can retrieve lost souls.

The Rot

There are loads of tiny creatures that are called the Rots - timid and illusive spirits scattered throughout the forest. They maintain balance by decomposing dead and rotting elements. Rots are found while exploring the world, and once found, they help you in combat by fighting by your side. The more corruptions you find, the higher level they will be. Find and collect Rots to gain powerful abilities, make discoveries, and transform the environment.

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